South Woodham Ferrers has not grown in size without its issues. One of them can be parking, and the increase in the number of cars which the town has seen has over time. There is no law outside of London or Scotland which prohibits parking on the pavement, however obstructing ‘the footway’ could be an offence under the Highways Act 1980. What can make it more difficult is that some roads, areas and car parks are privately owned, and although the road traffic act may apply where the general public are admitted, parking control authorities are unlikely to carry out any enforcement. Some private car parking in the Town have restricted parking, and enforcement is carried out by a private company. The Town Council are unable to make any representations regarding any parking infringements notices.


Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement on the ‘Public Highway’ is carried out by the South Essex Parking Partnership, and carry out patrolling and enforcement in the town. Unless a vehicle is causing an obstruction to the highway in such a way that it is dangerous or blocking the road, the Police may not action on any complaints, unless it is obstructing the road, and instead you should make a complaint direct via Chelmsford City Council using the link HERE. or via 01245 606710.  We no longer log parking complaints as a Town Council. 


Adding parking restrictions

If you feel that a parking restriction should be imposed on a certain section of road, a new Traffic Regulation Order or TRO will need to be applied for. It is not something the Town Council have powers to make or will apply for any new restrictions as a Town Council.

If any residents or resident groups wish to have a TRO added, it requires that they make an application to the SEPP , who will consider the application. It will require the support of other residents in order for this to have any chance of the application to be successful, and it can take up to 18 months for it to be reviewed. 

A guide can be found HERE  and you can apply via the website HERE


Highways or roads may be the responsibility of Essex Highways, or are un-adopted in some cases such as when they are gravel tracks.

Public Highway

Roads are the responsibility of Essex Highways, which is part of Essex County Council, and any faults or issues should be reported to them directly. You can report an issue such as pot holes or sunken drains HERE or call them on 0345 603 7631. Some roads in private estates or on private land can not be reported to them. An example is Trinity Row or Station Approach.



These are pavements to the side of a roadway and are the responsibility of Essex Highways. You can report an issue HERE or call them on 0345 603 7631. Please note that any reports of defects for the roads or pavements you report to us we will only be able to advise you to contact Essex Highways or if we log a call on your behalf, you should note that this does not afford you any more priority than if you report it yourself.


Pedestrianised areas in South Woodham Ferrers

The area around the bandstand are maintained by Asda, other areas are under the control of Essex County Council or other private owners. Where we maybe able to sometimes deal with litter, graffiti and weeds, we are unable to repair pavement faults, so please report these to Essex Highways,. To find out more, go to our Keeping the Town Tidy Section


Footpaths and Byways

Footpaths can be those in ‘urban areas’ which link roads and often run to the side or rear of properties, or they can also be those in more remote areas such as our Fen. Byways are those which are not roads but will allow vehicles for the purpose of access and pedestrians to use them, as example of which is the track across the Fen to the level crossing. We also have a few 'Bridleways' which can be used by both pedestrians and horses. You can also cycle on bridleways and byways only, but must give way or stop for other users. Cycling on footpaths is not permitted, but we do allow them on 'rural' sections for the purposes of linking to other tracks, but you must be respectful of the track and give way to other users. If you are asked to leave an area by a member of staff, then you must do so. You should not leave the pathway other than the edges in order to stop or give way, and not for 'off-roading' across grassland, as often there are nesting birds etc. Please be considerate with your speed. You should not use footpaths/footways in built up areas, unless signs allow. 

You can report these to the Town Hall, although we may refer these onto other agencies or bodies where we are unable to resolve them. Some un-adopted roads are also footpaths or byways, while others are private spaces and it will down to the land owner to resolve the issue.

Our SSO has been dealing with many footpaths in the town, removing leaves, weeds, graffiti and litter. To find out more, go to our Keeping the Town Tidy Section


Road signs

You can request a new road sign to be installed via the Essex Highways website, which will then be considered by the Local Highways Panel. The Town Council will not install or replace road signs. Damaged signs can be reported to Essex Highways.