Action Plan 2023-2026

Our Climate and Environment Action plans are shown below in their current draft form, which are being reviewed amended and updated as part of work carried out by the Planning and Environment Committee. We also have included our mission statement.  In previous years, we launched a Climate and Ecological tool kit, and now we are moving forward with a new strategy. 

We recently updated our website to include information about public transport in the area. 


Works are being carried out on the John Cox areas in order to improve access and encourage walking. The new pathways link from the Fen into the Fields of the John Cox playing fields and onto coastal pathways.

When travelling to Marsh Farm for example, why not walk?    


Energy Performance Certificate 

Our building has been audited for its energy rating. We are pleased to say that we were issued with a B Rating. The Government has set a target of having all commercial buildings B rated by 2030. A study concluded (based on office space in the City of London) that 70% of offices do not meet that standard.

View our certificate HERE  


We are committed to improve our recycling and to reduce waste during 2024. We are working on policies to set out our plans for the future. Once the recycling policy has been agreed, it will appear here.  We will be working with Essex Waste Partnership to improve what we recycle, and to help reduce what we send to landfill. 







We support the Essex Nature Recovery Strategy, which is helping to plan for our future.